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Jenny Lazar Photography began as Jenny Zickovich Photography.  To be honest, it began in my head since I was young.   My father lovingly purchased me my first Canon camera for Christmas.  I loved the gift.  High School photography class got me into the darkroom, developing film and photos.  Seeing the image appear in the developer was inspiring.  The creative power of seeing the world, capturing it with film and developing it onto paper to share has inspired my photography since. Seeing how the light change as it rises over the mountains, seeing how it reflects off the trees, buildings, life.  The beauty of this world and being able to capture that moment, that feeling you see in an image to share is priceless.  


This website is new to me.  This instant sharing is something I am working on developing.  A beautiful image is nothing unless you get to share it!   I hope you enjoy what you see.   Keep checking back, I'll continue to add to the galleries.

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